Transfers from Prague to Jizera mountains

About Jizera mountains

The Jizera Mountains will simply take your breath away with their scattered peaks, forests of spruce and beech, tall cliffs, picture-perfect valleys, mountain villages and countless chapels, churches and cottages, which locals have watched over for centuries. Come and discover the history of the Czech Republic’s northernmost mountain range and leave with experiences even more memorable than the glint of the local costume jewellery. The range got its name from the Jizera River, which rises at the southern base of the Smrk massif.

The Jizera Mountains – it isn´t just beautiful North Bohemian countryside. On your „journey of exploration“, whether it be a family holiday or a romantic weekend, you will come across historical monuments, well-known and now almost symbolic lookout towers crowning many of the hills as well as regional gastronomy, craft markets and many regional events which bring the local life closer to you. You will also have the unique opportunity of meeting the locals, who will be more than happy to talk about local traditions and habits and will also share some tales about the mountains with you.

The hills and mountains of the Jizera Mountains are literally a second home for sports enthusiasts. A good infrastructure and high level of sports options ensure some great sports activities.

The main sports resorts in the Jizera Mountains:

Tanvaldský Špičák